Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meaning (-less)

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Reading about meaning has been discussing many long time ago, even since Plato era, The Greek. And finally many modern theories about it are emergent. In that field there is hermeneutic expert, E.D. Hirch, with his greatest works Validity Interpretation (1967). In his book, Hirch has explained that meaning of the works is identical with what the writer intended to say, when the work written.
In the other side,  for Hirch not only just one interpretation for one works but also more than one interpretation which could be different one another, but in this case  he restricts that all of those meaning must be in the system of expression and typical possibility which used by writer interpretation. In short for Hirch, meaning is something that intended by the writer/ author (Author properties).
Because of differences of time and social condition, problem is appeared. In the way of making meaning process.
Different from Hirch, the development in German known as aesthetic reception/ reception theory. Different from his pioneer, this theory take part in the role of readers in literary studies. Base on reception theory, meanings are dynamic. There is movement and process of making something blossom out as long as time.
Wolfgang Iser in his book The Act of Reading (1978) states that literary works is a shape of codes and to make a meaning should be based on those codes and for Hirch those codes are the Author properties that could not be stolen and for Iser if there is appropriateness codes which is perfect in interpretation so for the result a literary works is doesn’t mean anything. The most effective literary works for him is a work which can force the reader to the consciousness of new critic. In this kind of theory explains that there is no ideal literary works with out reader.
All of those theories above are reflected in human being side. Because, there is no literary theories which is especially created for a works, all of literary theories is the result of deep thinking process.
Its need to us that to be dynamic person, it’s should be. We need to be aware with the condition around us. Why we have to be dynamic? Because we have specific time, condition and background of life that make us different from one another. In life we have so many lifestyles; each person has his own type of mobile phone, motor cycle and so many others. So we need to be adaptive with this kind of condition.
And literary works is like a life. Like puzzle that has to be arranged. And of course to arrange it we need special codes, and if we have known about those codes, literary works or even life means nothing, like Iser opinion. The interesting point of exploring literary works is the process to finding the truth. If we have already known the result it doesn’t mean anything.
 And the last but not least that what so extreme we try to be dynamic in the interpretation, the perfect meaning is depend on what the writer/ author intended. Although we have may interpretation, it should be in the system of expression and typical possibility which used by writer interpretation. What the writer wants to say by published his work.
Ones more that there is no right or wrong to interpret a work. We just try to find the evidence to support our opinion. And we can find the evidence in the process of thinking. Thinking about the truth.


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