Thursday, April 19, 2012


SPIdeRMAn jadi salah satu jagoan favourite aku, simak lyrik dari michael bublè – spider-man dibawah ini.
Jangan lupa awali dengan membaca basmalah.

spider-man, spider-man,
does whatever a spider can
spins a web, any size,
catches thieves just like flies
look out!
here comes the spider-man.

is he strong?
listen bud,
he's got radioactive blood.
can he swing from a thread?
take a look overhead
hey, there
there goes the spider-man.

in the chill of night
at the scene of a crime
like a streak of light
he arrives just in time.

spider-man, spider-man
friendly neighborhood spider-man
wealth and fame
he's ignored
action is his reward
look out!
here comes the spider-man.

watch out mr. hotshot!


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