Friday, April 20, 2012

IDeafinition of Literary Works

I am student of English Literary Program, and I wanna write somethin' in English, lets play...

Literature is anything that is written which expresses ideas, emotion, feelings and attitude towards life ( Rees: 1983 ). In another term literature can be define as creative writings and other works of the imagination that use language as the media. In the earlier ages there are traditional genre of literature include tragedy, epic, or lyric. And today it includes novel, short story and poetry and essay.
Here, the question is “what is the real definition of literary work?” and how about the impacts itself.
Literary work is talk about value. Maybe it can not be explained base on imagination, but because of the unique language that used. Literary works can be seen in many sides. There are subjective points of view and objective points of view.
For the first one, it can be define as personal writing. The writer can deliver his ideas freely. He can write about his dreams, his experiences in live and his own story. In this case he can write anything he wants. In the other side for the next definition, literary work is something objective. It is real, literary works is talk about facts and realities. It has specific instruments inside. These instruments are something which has to be there, such as: sounds, tones, syntaxes, rime, and narrative or descriptive techniques that used in the   literary work itself.
In this field we have to be very careful to define, even more discuss about literary works. If there is still something confusing, it’s better for us to do research. So, we can define precisely.
In short, to define literary work is not easy; there are so many aspects that have to be seen. The point here, is about how to make a good literary work. A good literary work sometimes  talks as something which is out of mind.

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